When you drive up to your business, especially if you have been driving up to the same location for a number of years, you may not notice that your old sign is looking a little dated.  Is that how you want your clients to see your business? We know that the brain doesn’t register the familiar. That’s probably why you didn’t notice the wear and tear on your sign – because you see it every day. But what about new customers? You want to catch their attention and show your existing customers that you are keeping things fresh. It doesn’t take a lot of money to revamp an existing pylon like the one here. We worked with the client on updating their logo and color scheme and created new translucent faces for the sign. This old faithful now has a bright new look. Old and new members are noticing the difference!     If you would like to revamp the look of your business or perhaps bring some visual interest to your environment, call us at SignScapes, Inc. today for a free consultation.