The biggest trend in advertising today is the use of vehicle wraps. It is estimated that a wrap on a typical service vehicle in a medium sized territory will be viewed over 80,000 times per day. Compare that to your weekly newspaper circulation and how many people you hope will see your ad this Sunday, and you have to pay every time the ad runs. Wraps are all about taking a working asset, like a delivery van or sales vehicle, and turning it into a rolling billboard for your business. If you are not already familiar with vehicle wraps, you probably have a few questions.

So, what is a wrap?

A wrap is a digital print that is applied to your vehicle. It is essentially a giant decal or sticker made of special vinyl that will adhere to your car but will not damage the paint job. In fact, covering your car in vinyl actually protects the paint.

How long do they last?

Wraps are generally meant to last for 3-5 years but can be of shorter or longer durations depending upon the materials used. For the best quality wrap, it is important to leverage a professional installer with access to a temperature controlled environment.

What kinds of wraps are available?

A wrap can be full (the whole vehicle) or partial (a window or panel) depending upon need and budget. Stationary windows can be wrapped using perforated vinyl with a 50/50 perforation. This allows the driver sufficient visibility from the inside while still providing the exterior visual. Partial wraps are also very effective for those who do not wish to cover the entire surface of the vehicle or for those vehicles with limited exterior surface. The most common partial wraps are tailgates and door panels.

Who designs the wrap?

At SignScapes, we use experienced vehicle wrap designers to create a unique look to your vehicle by considering the vehicle shape and contours, your logo artwork and brand image, as well as the information you are communicating and the target audience you are trying to reach. If you are currently working with a design professional, we can collaborate to create the best wrap for your business.

How long does it take to get wrapped?

Once a design is approved, we can print the wrap panels and be ready to install in a few days. A full wrap installation will take between one and two days depending upon the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the design. We can also leverage our network of installers to arrange professional installation of your wrap where ever your vehicles are located. Should your vehicle be damaged in an accident, a wrap can be repaired by removing the damaged graphic and reprinting and reinstalling the damaged section. For most business vehicles, this cost is often covered by insurance but be sure to check with your agent to be certain hat you have proper coverage.

What else should I know about wraps?

We strongly recommend coupling your wrap with a text messaging service that will transfer your information to a prospective client’s cell phone quickly and efficiently. This service will also help you to track the effectiveness of your wrap marketing.

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