You never get a chance to make a first impression, isn’t that the expression? And that applies to your lobby as much as your personal appearance. Take a look at your lobby from the perspective of a new client. Come on, walk in and take a look around like you have never been there before. What do you see?

  • Does you sign reflect the personality, culture and industry you are in?
  •  Does it let clients know who you are and what you do?
  • Is it prominent?
  •  Is it proportionate to the space you are in?
  • Is it consistent with your other brand and marketing messages?
  • Does it make you proud?

A good lobby sign will be a YES to all of the above. Lobby signs say so much about who works here and how they feel about the work that they do. They are scaled in size and design to the space and market you operate in.  An overworked sign like a bronze plaque in a business that proports to be a good value probably doesn’t make any more sense than a vinyl decal in a high end attorney’s office where you’d expect to see architectural letters or that bronze plaque.

RAC_Lobby_Graphics                                                       Modern Lobby sign                                                               interior office logo

When you dress yourself to meet with clients, you think about the impression that you are making. Think about your lobby sign in the same way and realize that just as styles change, your lobby sign may also need a “fashion intervention” to bring it up-to-date with your current marketing and brand look.