Anyone who has been in sales and marketing for a few years has probably had to set up their fair share of trade show displays. These have often been cumbersome, clunky affairs with lots of parts and pieces to assemble or big, bulky tri-fold displays that can’t be carried onto an aircraft. Today’s trade show presenters are in luck. The latest in retractable, or Pop Up, banner stands are lightweight, easily transported in individual carry bags and are simple to setup.

You can leverage the latest in digital print technology while still having an efficient display. Many of the most popular models offer quick change out banners to keep you display fresh, can be two sided or single sided, can be ‘ganged’ together to create a background wall and come is a variety of sizes. A well designed banner up will be eye catching on its own so often a single banner stand can attract a lot of attention to your booth.

Banner stands range from single or limited use to premium quality. For one-offs or for those who do very few exhibits, a lower end stand may be the right use of marketing funds. A higher end stand is definitely recommended for heavy use exhibitors and for those who want to use their stands for many shows. All good quality stands will come with a padded carry bag for ease of transportation and to protect the stand and its components.

Just as with the stand, the banner material can vary in price and quality. Economy weight vinyl or “scrim” is a low cost option for a short term or one-off use as this material will stretch and tends to sag or curl at the edges fairly quickly. For best results and longevity, choose a heavier vinyl that is designed for use in your banner stand.

The best part of these new banner stands is that the can be set up in virtually seconds without assistance. So, next time you have an opportunity to exhibit, be a hero to your sales representatives and the envy of the trade show floor by investing in a quality banner stand.