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Moe Knows

I don’t know about you, but I think that corn chips and queso are on of the four basic food groups in my life and nobody does those better than the folks at Moe’s. When you go into a Moe’s the entire staff shouts, “welcome to Moe’s”. It is a fun and friendly place to get your all natural, fresh-mex feed on.
We met the Moe’s catering gang at a small trade show function and got to talking. “Hey”, I said, “you guys are so dynamic at your stores, why don’t the catering folks have some flair when you are out and about?” This lead us to some more discussions and next thing you know, we are working with their franchisor and putting together some splashy banners and trade show displays that really speak to the lively, fun and friendly atmosphere of a Moe’s catered event.  
This simple pop-up display really helps to set the tone for any of the catering or trade show function where the Moe’s crew are serving. We are also working on vehicle graphics for the catering truck so everyone in town will know where to go for some delicious Moe’s tacos, and chips, and queso!  Mmmm, all this talk about food is making me hungry…..
Digitally printed pop up banner
If you’d like Moe’s to cater your next event, or, if you are hungry right now, log onto for more information on catering and restaurant locations. See you there!

Our friends at RentInRichmond called the other day asking for us to replace some of their vehicle magnets. It seems that the free wheeling property managers at this Fan-based agency were losing their magnets left and right.  As a local company serving the greater Richmond residential property market, their vehicle is their office and their billboard. They need that signage for meeting potential lessees at properties as an identifier, to reinforce their brand and to inspire supermarket parking lot inquiries.
When Karen approached us about re-doing these signs, we asked her if she had considered any other forms of vehicle graphics. We talked to her about the benefits of a “permanent” graphic, like the window perforation, as an alternative to flying magnets on I64.  We brought Karen’s car in as a test vehicle and wrapped her rear window. We also suggested a business card caddy to attach to the side of her vehicle where folks can help themselves to her card.
Window Perf

Rear Window Perforation - exterior view


Karen loves the window perforation and doesn’t miss the maintenance of the magnets. It is great that a busy professional like Karen doesn’t need to worry about her vehicle signage every six months – she is set for 2 years – and it looks great on her car.  We can’t wait for the rest of the staff to upgrade – we hear they are all jealous. To learn more about the properties available for rent and for the services offered, go to

Not Your Grandma’s Health Club Any More!


 Congratulations to Yedda and Bryan Stancil of Fantastically Fit and the Center for Integrative Medicine in their acquisition of the former Richmond Athletic Club – or RAC as it has been fondly known for over 20 years. Yedda and Bryan have moved their operations from Grove Avenue to Thalbro Street and integrated their health and wellness business with the fitness facilities and membership roster of the RAC.         

Now known as the Richmond Alternative Center, the RAC has a new look to go along with the new attitude. The Stancils have upgraded the facility with new furniture, finishes, equipment and services. Their medical suite including doctors, nutritionists, chiropractic practitioners and massage therapists have been moved to the lower level where they can seamlessly integrate with the exercise equipment, fitness trainers, equipment and exercise classes. There is a new reception area designed for patient queuing and for member socialization. A healthy cafe will also be opening soon.         

As part of the renovation, the RAC worked with SignScapes,Inc. to bring the modern spa feeling to the facility by updating the familiar RAC logo with a more subtle, earthier color pallet and contemporary font. In addition, positive messages like the one featured above the reception desk (“your health and wellness journey begins here”) were added in gold vinyl in lieu of art.  There are additional signage changes in the works such as a new building sign featuring the updated logo, decorative flags and a re-badging of the interior offices.          

For more information on the RAC and its transformation, link here to         

Heritage Union Moves to the Bottom – or is it the Slip?         

Heritage Union_Richmond_ Lobby gallery

Corporate Lobby Gallery Installation - Heritage Union


 Visitors to the new World Headquarters for Heritage Union are greeted by a stunning aubergine curved wall with a gallery style display of black and white family photos. These are the families that Heritage Union protects with its insurance products such as Salary Shield. The Richmond-based start-up recently relocated to Shockoe Bottom into the Stool Pigeon’s building where they expanded their footprint.  The renovated tobacco loft space sports views of the clock tower and is in the heart of all things “downtown cool”.        

 When confronted with the curved walls flanking the reception desk, HU reached out to SignScapes, Inc. for a creative application that would reflect the business’s commitment to protecting the financial stability of all kinds of families. In conjunction with their in-house creative staff, black and white prints were selected and enlarged to create a gallery style display. The photos were printed on adhesive backed vinyl and applied to 4 mil black PVC backers. Each print was sandwiched between the PVC and a clear lexan face to give it a framed look. Brushed aluminum standoffs lifted the prints from the wall to provide more depth and the flexible material followed the wall’s curve. Low voltage track lighting provided just the right punch to highlight this eye catching display.          

Now that they are all settled in to their new digs, we are looking forward to completing the installation on the facing curved wall which will host black and white photos of HU staff and families.  To learn more about Heritage Union and the Salary Shield product, link here to  and        

German Engineering For Chickens      

Bizerba Production & Engineering, USA


Did you ever wonder how all the food we get is packaged and handled before it hits the shelves at the local market? Well, meet the engineers and production crew at Bizerba. Headquartered in Germany, the local office has taken residence at the RIC airport industrial park where they design and build packaging equipment and precision scales for the food service industry.       

When the head honchos (what is the German word for ‘boss’?) announced they were coming to town, Bizerba called on SignScapes, Inc. to outfit their new location in grand style.  Now they anchor their stretch of the complex and are clearly visible from Airport Drive.       

To learn more about the work being done at Bizerba, log onto their website at