Signs are unlikely to be your first thought when you consider how to motivate and incentivize your teams.  But in this era of tight budgets, dwindling resources and slow growth, a sign can be a pretty powerful and relatively inexpensive tool. Here are a few examples:

  • Designated Parking:  Often one of the most overlooked, “free” to the employer, perk is that coveted front row parking spot. You know your folks secretly battle for a certain slot because it is near the door or sheltered by trees from the heat. So, why not claim that space with a sign and leverage the bragging rights. And not just any sign. Don’t default to the standard “employee of the month”. Get a little creative … How about “coolest cat in the company”?
  • Sales metrics:  We have all seen the thermometer at fundraisers and the classic sales graph against goal. These are tried and true measuring tools to track how your folks are performing, but does it motivate them? Recycle that old white board with a digitally printed, dry erase laminate. We can jazz up that old score card by creating a graphic race track for your team members to circuit. You can have them customize their cars, take pit stops for training or vacation, and create “lap milestones” as interim goals are achieved. A trophy for the winner’s desk that rotates with the performance results is a great add-on too.
  • Employee Profiles:  Celebrate the work of an employee by recognizing his or her achievement. You may not be able to offer a promotion or a raise at this time, but a banner featuring a picture and employee biography or highlights from the associate’s accomplishment will bring accolades from peers and elevate the overall mood.
  • Title change:  Ever wonder why there are so many VPs at banks? Titles are free and they carry a lot of weight in corporate culture. Why not take a little bit of license here and let your folks re-title their jobs? Ben & Jerry’s has a Director of Joy…. The local Chamber of Commerce calls its receptionist Director of First Impressions. A new desk name plate is a small price to pay for a rejuvenated workforce focused on what their jobs really mean.

A sign certainly can’t turn the economy around but a small investment can yield some big rewards for your business.  For more creative ideas, contact SignScapes, Inc. for “the right sign, every time.”