One of the most cost effective ways for a company, community group or organization to promote and event is with a vinyl banner sign. We have all seen banners flapping away on the sides of the road, tied to fences and hung on buildings.  Banners can be used inside or out, are easy to install and give you a lot of bang for the buck which explains their proliferation. 

Digital print technology has taken this durable mainstay and elevated it to nearly an art form. It used to be that a banner had to be white with cut out letters applied. Now we can print to a variety of solid and mesh banner materials, fabrics and other textiles with the same color and visual punch as other media. Some other types of banners you might consider: 

Portable bannersare very common around the trade show circuit and for other temporary displays. These are lightweight, collapsible stands that are easily popped up or assembled and just as quickly packed away for convenient travel. Many of these product leverage the same vinyl banner material we traditionally think of when you say ‘banner’. 

Digitally printed pop up banner

Bow or feather banners have also become the rage. You see these narrow, arched signs outside nearly every car lot and outlet store announcing sales and other messages. These shapes are accomplished by using a flexible fiberglass pole and a swivel mounting stand. The banner catches the wind and spins which draws the attention.    

Pole banners are a subtle twist. These are fabric or vinyl pieces designed to be mounted and hung vertically from lamp posts or from wall mounted brackets. You typically see these in mall parking lots or lining special municipal districts. Very often they are seasonal and are changed out on a periodic basis to highlight holidays or other events. 

Framed banners are a neat twist to an old friend. For businesses or applications that frequently use and change out banners, a framing system would be an excellent option. These extruded sections have tension hooks underneath that attach to the banner grommets. When the covers are closed, the banner is stretched and “framed” by the mounting bracket. It is a great finished look for a banner and makes repeat installations fast and easy. 

The common denominator when choosing a banner is lifespan. Banners are designed as short term attention-getters and will not hold up to prolonged exposure to the elements.  Banners represent the most common form of temporary signage and are designed to meet that need. Whatever your application, there is a banner that is right for you. 

For help determining if a banner is the right sign, call us at SignScapes, Inc.!