Would you wrap your car for 35 cents? That’s a no-brainer, right? Of course, you would. You couldn’t afford NOT to wrap your service vehicle, truck, bus or 18 wheeler for that kind of money.  But where did the 35 cents come from? It certainly costs more than that to wrap a car, right? According to a 2010 study completed by the Arbitron, Inc., a leading international media and marketing research firm serving outdoor media, radio broadcasters, cable companies, advertisers and advertising agencies in the United States and Europe who measured costs per 1000 advertising impressions, found vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of local advertising at 35 cents per impression. And, if you have priced any advertising lately, you know this is an absolute bargain!

Richmond Vehicle Signs Graphic Cost Per ImpressionAlthough the wrap itself may run from $2,500 to $4,000 for full wraps, partial wraps about half that, when you consider the visibility of a wrap and the number of repeat impressions it makes, you can understand how the cost per impression can be so affordable. Don’t let the sticker price dissuade you either. There are leasing programs available for you to finance your wrap so it can be expensed monthly like any other form of installment advertising. This means that your $150 per month advertising budget is now buying you 22xs the number of impressions as that radio spot you were considering.

You really can’t argue with the numbers here. So again I ask, would you wrap your vehicle for 35 cents (per impression)?